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Ms Hedges Peterson

Special Education

I spent about half of my summer traveling to Michigan, Ohio and Colordao visiting family and friends. When I was in the city, most of my time was spent at teacher workshops and professional development activites. I did manage to spend some time on the beach, went to Ravinia and last but not least, drove down to Bear's training camp in Bourbonnais. All in all, my break was time well spent!

Ms Eshoo


Ms Eshoo and friends in Russia

Traveled to Russia with Ms. Gibbons; it was a fabulous trip. We toured from Moscow to St. Petersburg. It was an educator’s dream excursion. Visited my son in Athens, Georgia; spent time in Effingham, Illinois with my mother. It was an enjoyable and relaxing summer break; the best I have had in years.

Ms Mack Gallaher

Special Education

Hi everyone & Happy Steinmetz School Year 2009-10! I spent my summer increasing caloric intake and decreasing energy burned as part of a special experiment to see how far my clothes will stretch before it's time to get back to the gym!

Ms Eichstaedt


Ms Eichstaedt's grandson

Welcome back to all! My break was great—after summer school I spent time with family in Wisconsin, enjoyed some reading, spruced up my home, and best of all, spent lots of time with my new grandson.

Ms Buckmaster

Social Studies

Ms Buckmaster's daughters

Hi all: I spent the summer getting to know my two baby girls, Hannah and Ariel. I hope everyone had a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing all my colleagues in a few weeks.

Ms M Ward


Ms Ward in Alaska

I am looking forward to the start of a new school year! This summer I have done some hiking and biking, trained for the Chicago marathon, spent time with friends, and helped both of my children move. I spent July working with a great group of Steinmetz students who worked at the school. They did an excellent job - in addition to cleaning around the school they replaced all the pictures on the bulletin boards.

Ms Barnes

World Languages

Ms Barnes vacation

I had a great summer traveling and relaxing. After attending MYP training in Atlanta I visited my family in Mississippi. Then I spent two weeks traveling in Nicaragua with Ms. Melamed where we had a blast! August was spent relaxing and starting boys soccer practice. Can't wait to get back to a routine but I have really been enjoying my summer!

Ms Dominguez

Social Studies

I spent an awesome month in Europe. I toured Spain and Poland. I had a great time.