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Eating with L3

L3, staff reporter

During the long summer school days, students get weary and hungry. Most stray away from the thought of the cold lunches served in the cafeteria. If you’re interested in eating hot meals during, before or after passing periods, these are some of the local restaurants that offer the best deals and service:

McDonalds has and will always be one of the popular eateries near the school. Students have been eating there since it was built. It is located on the corner of Narragansett and Diversey.
Pros: McDonalds offers a value menu with a wide variety. From burgers to fries, they cover it all. They also offer a healthier alternative, the parfait.
Cons: Because of its great menu and popularity, sometimes the lines at this restaurant may seem a little McLong. This may cause trouble if you want to get food in between sessions.
Estimated time: between 10-20 minutes

Little Caesars
Little Caesars is an establishment that was recently opened in the past year. It offers one of the great foods of all time, pizza. It is located on Narragansett toward Diversey.
Pros: What really make this place shine are its great deals. They offer pizza for only 5 dollars and breadsticks for a little over a dollar. And to top it off they have the fastest services.
Cons: Let’s be a little more realistic here. Little Caesars is not the healthiest choice of food. Eating a pizza by your self is not a very healthy decision. I wouldn’t recommend eating here everyday.
Estimated Time: between 5-10 minutes

Jasmine’s Rice
This place is truly a hidden joy for most who know about it. It offers a different variety, food from Thailand. It is located on Barry and Narragansett.
Pros: This place has a real great selection of food. One of the biggest pros is getting to taste new and exciting cuisine. This place serves food that gives off a real home-cooked felling. They also offer a lunch special for a little over 6 dollars.
Cons: Although they have the best food, they also have one of the longest waits and the most expensive menu. The biggest cause of this is because their food is made fresh. So once again, may be a big problem if you are in a rush to get to your classes on time.
Estimated time: between 20-25 minutes

If you’re looking for quantity, McDonalds is your best bet. If your looking for great food and care less about your arteries, you may want to eat Little Caesars. If you’re looking for a home away from home taste and you want to try something new, Jasmine Rice is the place to be.

Should There be a Dress Code in High School?

Samantha S, social editor

Many students like to argue that a dress code is unnecessary and “not fair,” while others can argue that a dress code has helped them academically and made them feel safer at school. I feel that a uniform is necessary and should be regularly enforced. A uniform causes students to be more focused on school work rather than being preoccupied with who has on what. Even though there may be a rule about dress code, some students tend not to follow the rules and still come to school inappropriately. Those students do face minor consequences. As those students choose to break the rules I wonder what goes through their mind when they are dressing for school. Do they think that rebelling will change the rules? Or do they think they’re cool because they have to wear rentals? I want to know what your opinion is on dress code existence is, and if you are a student who is regularly in rentals, why do you choose not to be in uniform?
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Relationship Advice with Kyara

Kyara Flores, staff reporter

Anonymous: “If I have lied to my mother before and now she doesn’t trust me, what can I do to make our relationship better?”
Kyara: the most you can do is continue to tell the truth and try your best to prove to her you’re being honest. Earning her trust back can take a long time. Try to apologize for lying in the first place.

Dominique/female/Chicago: “My boyfriend and I are having our differences. I’m so tired of being accused of everything and i just don’t know what to do. What should I do?”
Kyara: Well usually nine times out of ten when your boyfriend/girlfriend is becoming extremely jealous out of nowhere and accusing you of being a liar or cheater, it’s because he/she has a guilty conscience. He just might be the one cheating or lying himself. Start paying attention to what he does on his free time and you just might find the root of your problem.

Chris F/male/Chicago: “Why are all women crazy?”
Kyara: I consider this a sexist question. It kind of makes me laugh. Why are all the women you're around crazy? Answer that. =)

Anonymous: “My boyfriend and I just broke up and he’s begging me to get back with him. I don’t know what to tell him. Let me tell you a little about him: he is 21, he buys me everything I want or desire, I feel like he’s never happy, he’s always trying to tell what to do and who to hang with. I'm 17 years old and I love to have fun and go to parties with friends. Although I like to have fun, I never cheated on him. I have told him a couple white lies, but nothing big. He tells me he loves me but when he flirts with other girls, that tells me a whole different thing. We have been together for 3 years now, but things just don’t feel the same. What should I do? Help!”
Kyara: Sometimes being with someone of a different age group for awhile doesn’t have forever written all over it. Try to give yourself a break from him. Some time to live a little. If he is still trying to be with you, it’s up to you if you are willing to deal with his disrespect. When someone loves you they want to see you happy and would never flirt with another girl right in front of you! Just give it a week or two, time will speak for itself.

Is your teacher making you angry? Is your boyfriend driving you insane? Are your parents treating you unfairly? Is your best friend acting strange? Email me at: If you wish to keep your name anonymous, just ask and I will do so with no problem.
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Four Minutes? That’s it?

Juan Garcia, staff reporter

Four minutes is all Steinmetz students get in between classes. Students argue that it is not enough. They debate that an extra two minutes would really help them out.

Students also say that the tardy rate would dramatically decrease. Some students have class in the mods, but their next class is in the third floor on the other side of the building. That is not fair.

Another thing students point out is the traffic in the hallways. It takes about a minute to get though the crowd of people just standing there.

Unfortunately students are not going to get their way. Administration is too strict with the school rules. I believe that as long as Steinmetz is open, students will always want more time to get to their next class, but that will never happen.

Help with English, Spanish and Polish available from Monika Barton, Eva Salazar and Ariceli Saucido.

What Makes Teen Moms Want to Give Up School?

Jasmine Hunt, staff reporter

Many teen mothers would say the pressure of going to school, work, and taking care of their child is too much on them. Teen moms feel that they have too many responsibilities. Not that anyone told them it would be easy having a child at a young age. Teen moms also feel that they are more involved in the child’s life more than the fathers. The mother is there everyday all-day, before and after school, taking care of the child. They have to have a job to take care of the child and themselves. You never get a moment to yourself. To top it off you have to be at school five days a week. Now since you have a child everyone is depending on you to make it through school, even more so now since you have a child. It depends on the mother to make the correct choices for their child and themselves.

You are now not only responsible for yourself anymore but a child who looks up to you for care and love. A job is needed to take care of your child's needs. You also need to further your education. You start to think it would be much easier to just give up in school, even though everyone is telling you going to school will pay off in the end. All of the pressures of school start adding up and you just feel like giving up. You never get enough rest and you think the easy thing to do is to quit school. You know it would be very helpful in you and your child’s future to finish your education. You will feel good about one success and will want to further your education by attending college. As your child grows you will realize staying in school was worth it after all.

To All Upcoming Freshmen

Angel Villegas, staff reporter

Schools in Chicago and all across the country seem to have problems educating the new freshmen, and preparing them to become more knowledgeable and prepare for college. The new freshmen seem not to be well prepared for studying high school level subjects, which makes it harder for high schools to prepare them for the future.

I just want to tell you all from my own experience. This article is to tell all teens who read it, to make them, or at least try to make them, learn a little from what I did wrong during high school, which now I regret.

When I was a freshman in high school, my purpose was to do well in high school and to graduate; I started doing well during my freshman and sophomore year of high school. I had friends who did not go to class and even to school, and they would tell me to ditch with them, but I tried to avoid that during my first two years.

We are all teens and it is not easy at all for us to just stay focused on school. We all feel like we are grownups and it is true that we think that all the time, even I think that. Well, I thought that. My junior year came, and during my junior year I got a little lazy from all the schoolwork and homework, and I started not going to class. Sometimes I did not come to school and went somewhere else with my friends. All that got me to fail three classes that are high school requirements.

My senior year came and I had to make up the classes that I did not pass in my junior year, but it was really hard. Since I did not focus during my junior year it was hard for me to go to three English classes and two math algebra classes and I could not really concentrate hard enough and I failed two classes again.

Here I am now. After going to evening school during my 2nd semester of my senior year, staying in school from 8 to 5 p.m. I am still here in summer school taking the last two semesters that I failed. I am here from 7 to 4 p.m. I am writing this article to all youngsters. I could not graduate on time with my friends because I could not make up all the credits that I needed to graduate, and I wasn’t so happy and neither were my parents.

I know that we are all teens and we all feel like we have grown up enough for us to do what we want, but it really is not that way. My advice is to balance school and all the good stuff that we think its fun. If we focus in school and have a little fun, but not during school time, we will all do well and finish and graduate from high school on time without going to school extra time, which is not fun at all. It’s like all the bad stuff I did I am paying for here by going to summer school.

To All Single Parents

Dominique Monroe, staff reporter

Being a single parent is really hard. Sometimes it’s nerve wracking. It makes people want to drop out of school and not focus on what they have to do. It’s hard work waking up in the morning trying to feed your baby. It’s hard trying to explain to my baby that her dad isn’t in her life. My baby means the world to me and I would do anything for my baby to be happy. However, to all single parents, you can do whatever you set your mind to do. You don’t need a man in your life to help you take care of your baby. It’s all about you and your baby and for you all to be happy together.

Ladies, don’t ever give up when you don’t have a man next to your side. That only means one thing; that you are a strong and intelligent woman and you can do whatever you set your mind to. Women have a strong mentality and don’t have to depend on anyone. When you feel down and out, you should call over a friend to keep you company. Talk out your problems to relieve all the stress and anger that you have deep down inside. Just saying from my own personal experience, its better to be a single parent to me because I’m always happy and my baby gets whatever she wants. I am strong and I depend on no one. I take care of my daughter alone because her father isn’t in her life. I have a home on my own and I have a job. So coming from a single mother, stay strong and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.

Problem: Drugs and Gangs

Louis Burks, staff reporter

What I think would make CPS better is for students to not smoke drugs before going to school. Lots of students decide that they want to smoke because they think it will make the day go by faster or funnier. Marijuana is a bad drug because it affects peoples’ brain cells as they smoke more and more. Too many high school students have experimented with drugs that are out there on the street.

Gangs are everywhere. Gangs have gotten lots of people involved in deaths. For example I was walking through the park and I saw five guys beating on two Hispanic kids with poles and sticks, all because one of the Hispanic boy’s hat was on the wrong side on his head, in the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time. All this could have been avoided if they either had put their hat on frontwards, or just held it in their hands.

My plan is to give advice to students in Steinmetz about drugs and gangs. Drugs and gangs are not something students should be looking into. Students should look into after school activities and not after school violence. So at a certain age you should make the right decision about what friends you choose to hang out with. I feel if students make the right decision and stay out of trouble they could make a safer school environment for all students.

However most importantly, staying away from drugs would keep your future bright. For example, you are less likely to end up in jail from illegal activities, less likely to disappoint your family, and more likely to get a great job. Also, it would catch up on your life, like if you want to get a decent job and have to take a drug test, or if you choose not to listen to good advice like this, there are a lot of consequences.

What I will do, is make a website telling people all about why it’s important not to do drugs or gang bang.